1980 Trans Am

My wife Kim bought this car in 1999. She has always loved Trans Ams and although her dream car is a 1977 Bandit Edition, she loves her 1980.
This was an everyday driver for her and she even drove it through the winter with cinder blocks in the trunk.
It came with a 400 small block engine in it and drove great until we blew the motor while racing a Mustang in 2001. Don’t worry we beat the Mustang before the engine started failing. Kim takes the blame for this since she never checked the oil because she couldn’t get the hood open. I thought she was checking the oil since she was religious about keeping up with it in the Monte Carlo. So off the road it went, although it still started up on the occasions we needed to  move it.  The car is presently in our garage having a lot of bodywork done to it. Like the Monte Carlo the T-tops were almost completely rusted away. The floorboards and quarterpanels were a mess. I have been slowly working on this since bodywork is not my favorite thing to do. Recently we bought an engine for it and that will be the next step.