1965 Mustang


This is a 1965 Mustang with a four speed manual transmission and a 351 V8.

 Just recently we have upgraded the brakes from a single circuit front drum system that was factory for this year. We replaced this system with a dual circuit system and front disc brakes. This conversion took about 7 hours and included

replacing the master cylinder, adding a portioning valve, replacing the front drums with a kit that allowed us to use front disc, pads, and calipers. With this conversion there were also

1965 Mustang

a few brake lines that needed to be custom made.

With everything said and done the braking in this car was highly improved with shorter stopping distances and stability during hard braking.

It also added a big safety factor due to the dual instead of single circuit. This allows that one circuit of the brakes will continue to function if pressure is lost on the other due to a leak or a faulty part.

The conversion brake kit was bought from Classic Services Restoration Parts. I would highly recommend this kit, it had every thing needed to do the conversion and was all quality parts. The kit itself was about 525.00 and with labor and lines the total conversion cost just under $1000.00. Well worth the investment for the added drivablity and safety this conversion adds to the vehicle.


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