• Project Cars

    During this cold spell, we are looking forward to this summers car shows at Skip’s in Merrimac Massachusetts. Scott is currently working on a 1986 Monte Carlo. Bodywork is in process but is slow going. Trying to find time between running the business, 2 children, and financing the project is sometimes a challenge. However, it is progressing. Not to mention the 1980 Trans Am he is working on as well. Bodywork is getting there. Almost ready to put the interior in!

  • Tire Rotation

    It is very important to get your tires rotated about every 6,000-7,000 miles.  All Wheel Drive(AWD) cars are recommended to replace all 4 tires at the same time to avoid added strain or wear and tear on driveline components that can be caused by tires that are different sized(new versus worn).  A new tire can be quite a bit taller than a used tire even if they are the same brand and type of tire.  Failure to rotate tires on a routine basis cause tires to wear unevenly.  This may result in the front tires being more worn than the back tires which now puts a stress on the car.